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Immunoglobulins A, D, G, and M

Immunoglobulins A, D, G, and M is a topic covered in the Davis's Lab & Diagnostic Tests.

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IgA, IgD, IgG, and IgM.

Common Use:
To quantitate immunoglobulins A, D, G, and M as indicators of immune system function, to assist in the diagnosis of conditions that result in deficient or excessive production of immunoglobulins; to investigate immune system disorders such as multiple myeloma.

Serum collected in a gold-, red-, or red/gray-top tube. Place separated serum in a standard transport tube within 2 hr of collection.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Nephelometry)

AgeConventional UnitsSI Units
Immunoglobulin A(Conventional Units × 0.01)
 Newborn1–4 mg/dL0.01–0.04 g/L
 1–9 mo2–80 mg/dL0.02–0.8 g/L
 10–12 mo15–90 mg/dL0.15–0.9 g/L
 2–3 yr18–150 mg/dL0.18–1.5 g/L
 4–5 yr25–160 mg/dL0.25–1.6 g/L
 6–8 yr35–200 mg/dL0.35–2 g/L
 9–12 yr45–250 mg/dL0.45–2.5 g/L
 Older than 12 yr40–350 mg/dL0.40–3.5 g/L
Immunoglobulin D(Conventional Units × 10)
 NewbornGreater than 2 mg/dLGreater than 20 g/L
 AdultLess than 15 mg/dLLess than 150 g/L
Immunoglobulin G(Conventional Units × 0.01)
 Newborn650–1,600 mg/dL6.5–16 g/L
 1–9 mo250–900 mg/dL2.5–9 g/L
 10–12 mo290–1,070 mg/dL2.9–10.7 g/L
 2–3 yr420–1,200 mg/dL4.2–12 g/L
 4–6 yr460–1,240 mg/dL4.6–12.4 g/L
 Greater than 6 yr650–1,600 mg/dL6.5–16 g/L
Immunoglobulin M(Conventional Units × 0.01)
 NewbornLess than 25 mg/dLLess than 0.25 g/L
 1–9 mo20–125 mg/dL0.2–1.25 g/L
 10–12 mo40–150 mg/dL0.4–1.5 g/L
 2–8 yr45–200 mg/dL0.45–2 g/L
 9–12 yr50–250 mg/dL0.5–2.5 g/L
 Greater than 12 yr50–300 mg/dL0.5–3 g/L

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