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Bilirubin and Bilirubin Fractions

Bilirubin and Bilirubin Fractions is a topic covered in the Davis's Lab & Diagnostic Tests.

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Conjugated/direct bilirubin, unconjugated/indirect bilirubin, delta bilirubin, TBil.

Common Use:
A multipurpose laboratory test that acts as an indicator for various diseases of the liver, for disease that affects the liver, or conditions associated with red blood cell (RBC) hemolysis.

Serum collected in gold-, red-, or red/gray-top tube. Plasma collected in green-top (heparin) tube or in a heparinized Microtainer is also acceptable. Protect sample from direct light.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Spectrophotometry) Total bilirubin levels in infants should decrease to adult levels by day 10 as the development of the hepatic circulatory system matures. Values in breastfed infants may take longer to reach normal adult levels. Values in premature infants may initially be higher than in full-term infants and also take longer to decrease to normal levels.

AgeConventional UnitsSI Units (Conventional Units × 17.1)
Total bilirubin
 Newborn–1 dLess than 5.8 mg/dLLess than 99 micromol/L
 1–2 dLess than 8.2 mg/dLLess than 140 micromol/L
 3–5 dLess than 11.7 mg/dLLess than 200 micromol/L
 6–7 dLess than 8.4 mg/dLLess than 144 micromol/L
 8–9 dLess than 6.5 mg/dLLess than 111 micromol/L
 10–11 dLess than 4.6 mg/dLLess than 79 micromol/L
 12–13 dLess than 2.7 mg/dLLess than 46 micromol/L
 14–30 dLess than 0.8 mg/dLLess than 14 micromol/L
 1 mo–older adultLess than 1.2 mg/dLLess than 21 micromol/L
Unconjugated bilirubinLess than 1.1 mg/dLLess than 19 micromol/L
Conjugated bilirubin
 NeonateLess than 0.6 mg/dLLess than 10 micromol/L
 29 d–older adultLess than 0.3 mg/dLLess than 5 micromol/L
Delta bilirubinLess than 0.2 mg/dLLess than 3 micromol/L

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