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Common Use:
To assess for male infertility related to disorders such as obstruction, testicular failure, and atrophy.

Semen from ejaculate specimen collected in a clean, dry, glass container known to be free of detergent. The specimen container should be kept at body temperature (37°C) during transportation.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Macroscopic and microscopic examination)

TestNormal Result
Volume2–5 mL
ColorWhite or opaque
AppearanceViscous (pours in droplets, not clumps or strings)
Clotting and liquefactionComplete in 15–20 min, rarely over 60 min
Sperm countGreater than 15 million/mL
Total sperm countGreater than 39 million/ejaculate
MotilityAt least 40% at 60 min
Vitality (membrane intact)At least 58%
MorphologyGreater than 25%–30% normal oval-headed forms
The number of normal sperm is calculated by multiplying the total sperm count by the percentage of normal forms.

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