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Follicle-Stimulating Hormone

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Follitropin, FSH.

Common Use:
To distinguish primary causes of gonadal failure from secondary causes, evaluate menstrual disturbances, and assist in infertility evaluations.

Serum collected in a gold-, red-, or red/gray-top tube.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Immunoassay)

AgeConventional Units and SI Units
 PrepubertyLess than 10 international units/mL
 Male1.4–15.5 international units/mL
   Follicular phase1.4–9.9 international units/mL
   Ovulatory peak6.2–17.2 international units/mL
   Luteal phase1.1–9.2 international units/mL
   Postmenopause19–100 international units/mL

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