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Common Use:
To monitor uric acid levels during treatment for gout and evaluation of tissue destruction, liver damage, renal function, and monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

Serum collected in a gold-, red-, or red/gray-top tube. Plasma collected in a green-top (heparin) tube is also acceptable. Note: Rasburicase will rapidly decrease uric acid in specimens left at room temperature. If patients are receiving this medication, collect the blood sample in a prechilled green-top (heparin) tube and transport in an ice slurry.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Spectrophotometry)

AgeConventional UnitsSI Units (Conventional Units × 0.059)
1–30 d
 Male1.3–4.9 mg/dL0.08–0.29 mmol/L
 Female1.4–6.2 mg/dL0.08–0.37 mmol/L
1–3 mo
 Male1.4–5.3 mg/dL0.08–0.31 mmol/L
 Female1.4–5.8 mg/dL0.08–0.34 mmol/L
4–12 mo
 Male1.5–6.4 mg/dL0.09–0.38 mmol/L
 Female1.4–6.2 mg/dL0.08–0.37 mmol/L
1–3 yr
 Male & female1.8–5 mg/dL0.11–0.3 mmol/L
4–6 yr
 Male & female2.2–4.7 mg/dL0.13–0.28 mmol/L
7–9 yr
 Male & female2–5 mg/dL0.12–0.3 mmol/L
10–12 yr
 Male & female2.3–5.9 mg/dL0.14–0.35 mmol/L
13–15 yr
 Male3.1–7 mg/dL0.18–0.41 mmol/L
 Female2.3–6.4 mg/dL0.14–0.38 mmol/L
16–18 yr
 Male2.1–7.6 mg/dL0.12–0.45 mmol/L
 Female2.4–6.6 mg/dL0.14–0.39 mmol/L
19 yr–Adult
 Male4–8 mg/dL0.24—0.47 mmol/L
 Female2.5–7 mg/dL0.15–0.41 mmol/L
Adult older than 60 yr
 Male4.2–8.2 mg/dL0.25–0.48 mmol/L
 Female3.5–7.3 mg/dL0.21–0.43 mmol/L
Therapeutic target for patients with gout: Less than 6 mg/dL (SI: Less than 0.4 mmol/L).

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